Mary, the British Grandmother

One of my all-time favorite angelic experiences happened at the Motel of Dolna Banya’s pool. You can see an image of the pool here.

I remember having waited for hours at poolside thinking that it wasn’t going to happen. It was then that my guardian angel appeared in the form of Mary, the British grandmother with her ‘family.’

The moment she arrived, I happened to be closing my pool umbrella. It was late afternoon, the sun was setting, and I wanted to catch the last rays.

Since I’d already seen my guardian in this form, I was a wee bit embarrassed not to be in a state of complete and total readiness when the moment finally arrived. I was hunched over, struggling with the umbrella’s mechanism when I heard someone greet me, looked up, saw her, and smiled sheepishly.

Be that as it may, the manifestation was stunning. I was enthralled by how everyone moved; how they so casually and lovingly interacted with each other (especially the grandfather and Jessica); and how I was included. Now, I don’t remember if it happened in this manifestation or another (see the details in my book), but the ‘family’ filmed each other with a video camera and included me, something that makes you want to say ‘Wow!’

Mary’s question regarding my angel books was, and I’m probably paraphrasing, ‘What is the source of your inspiration?’

My brain’s neurons must have been performing, multiple, high-speed, Irish jigs then since I was standing in front of the source of my inspiration in manifest form. I was literally looking into the eyes of eternity disguised as a grandmother from Britain.

Since I couldn’t very well say, ‘You’re the source of my inspiration,’ I said something about being divinely inspired. You can read my exact words in the book.

Progress over time

As time went by, the anxiety I would feel while in the presence of manifest angels would subside. It never went away fully, though, and, to this day, whenever I’m in their presence, I remain fully conscious of the magnitude of what I’m experiencing.

A privilege and not a right

Seeing and recognizing angels in human form is a privilege and not a right. That’s because what you’re seeing is, indeed, a miracle of God. It is God walking among men and women in the form of his representatives, the angels.

Thanks for reading me. Stay tuned for more.

God bless and may you see angels,

Alvin Avery