They Walk Among Us

Whenever I see angels in human form, angels in disguise, I invariably feel moved. This is because, before my very eyes are sacred creatures who have chosen to walk among people. They have chosen to partake in our difficulties, pains and griefs.

God is good. There can be no doubt about it. This is because he sends angels, his representatives, to help us. Without their supernatural assistance, we would be unable to make it, especially now in this time of global transition when energies, high and low, are sorting themselves out and grouping accordingly.

People who say that God is dead or that he does not intervene in human affairs are ignorant regarding the high degree to which intervention happens. This intervention, I claim, is happening before our very eyes. I spend much time documenting such intervention in my books giving details about time, place and other specifics.

God craves a relationship with his creation, us. God, therefore, intervenes relationally by allowing a sacred component or, contingent from his realm, heaven, to be with us on earth as we live our lives in these troubled and exciting times!

Divine Intervention

God bless and may you see angels,

Alvin Avery