It doesn’t happen very often, but it did today! I received the No New Mail! indicator in my Google Mail.

The blue sky with hints of sunrays in the corner and the non-encumbrance of no new mail was uplifting.

It was like a fresh start or tabula rasa that would allow me to soar beyond the mundane.

Someone once said that when they went on vacation to U.S.A.’s desert southwest, they threw their mobile telephone out the car window and never felt better!

I’m not advocating that you do this.

What I am trying to convey, however, is that the feeling of not having e-mails to read and tasks to accomplish or calls to answer is a good and liberating feeling. I think we need to feel this feeling more often, and the pandemic is leading us down this exact road.

Truth be told, most of the calls I get are fraudulent.

Most of the emails I get  are spam.

And emails that do not fall into the above categories place obligations on me that, in the final analysis, are not really all that important.

One of my favorite sayings is Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated by Confucius.

This was confirmed when I read my updated credit card agreement today.

Are all these clauses really necessary?

Do they really have to keep increasing fees?

Are large interest rates normal?

I went to the bank (again) today and urged my banker to get outside—even on his lunch break—because staying in his windowless office was criminal.

He laughed and said, ‘It’s nice outside, isn’t it? I’ll try.’

While the banker—a lanky young man with dull brown eyes from a foreign country—was explaining something to me, he looked at me seriously, as if he had suddenly transformed into an old man, and said, ‘It doesn’t matter if you have $2 or $2 million dollars in your account, the case is such.’ I’m paraphrasing of course not to reveal unnecessary details.

Without meaning to, what he said was profoundly true.

The amount in your bank account DOES NOT MATTER.

I thought about this later and decided that what I really need is contentment, satisfaction, peace of mind, good friends, a satisfying occupation, enough to meet my needs and to be surrounded by beauty like that evinced by spring flowers.

I’m noticing flowers more and appreciating their gifts unlike ever.


I have Facebook friends who fall in the religious category and those who call themselves lightworkers.

The religious folks call the freeing feeling I describe above being born again and the lightworkers use the term awakened.  

Freedom comes hand-in-hand with responsibility, though.

There are certain things that born again believers no longer do.

And there are certain things that lightworkers do not do.

There are ethical considerations for some and divinely offered commandments for others.

You can throw your mobile phone out the window, but then you’ll have to go through the process of getting a new one. It will take time and there will be a financial cost.

When I see angels disguised as people—when I experience angelic manifestations—I get the same, freeing No New Mail! feeling. I feel born again and awakened at the same time.

You can have this feeling, too.

God bless and may you see angels,

An Eclipse without an Eclipse

Today I walked to the bank in order to run an errand.

The outdoor atmosphere was strange.

The light looked ecliptic. An eclipse without an eclipse.

There were more homeless people with mental challenges roaming the streets because of the pandemic. If they’re outside it probably means they’re afraid to stay in the shelters because of Covid-19.

I felt a feeling that was difficult to describe as I walked on what would have been a routine path in the midst of this strange light and aimless wanderers.

Without being able to precisely articulate my feeling, I felt as though something monumental was happening. Something cosmic.

The bank hadn’t opened yet and I stood warming myself by rubbing my hands together outside the front doors made of glass. I could see that the employees inside stood in a circle and were having a meeting. I would look at them and turn back again toward the street to see the strange quality of the light. It seemed as if I was shifting from something ordinary (the bank) to something extraordinary (ecliptic time).

It was as if two realities were head-butting. Bank vs. Phenomenal-Unprecedented-Unimaginable-Earth-shattering Change.

There are a lot of prophetic voices these days uttering hard sayings about the times we’re living in. As a theologian, I follow them to listen, hear and discern whether it is the voice of God or people.

True Prophets are Unpopular

In the Bible, the true prophets of God said things that nobody liked to hear and were hounded and hunted down. The false prophets said agreeable things that were pleasant to the ears and fed the rulers’ egos. Click here for a true versus false prophet checklist.

Kim Clement, Amanda Grace of Ark of Grace Ministries, Timothy Dixon, Hank Kunneman and Robin D. Bullock are prophetic voices discoverable on YouTube. If you don’t have time for long videos, tune into DobroBro here.

Some of the things they say involve vivid dreams, divine intervention on a planetary scale, plagues of Biblical proportions, angels coming to earth from outer space, and possible 911-like events.

You may be thinking, ‘Alvin, this sounds really weird and scary.’ Well, the times we’re living in are really weird and if we lack faith in divinity, scary.

Ive been writing about angels and marketing my books for thirteen years now. The truth is that if we expect God to take us seriously, we seriously need to start factoring God into the equation.

Ignore the God Factor and it will ignore you.

If you think about it, God knows everything that will come to pass and pre-positions angels in order to help us get through things, especially the difficult times we’re in. Angels, higher-dimensional, higher-vibrational beings, can handle the assignments that God gives them because they are fully equipped to do so.

The good news is that the angels are already here. They are with us and ready to help. All we need to do is spend time in prayer and keep our eyes open.

In the old days, those who saw angels were called saints. Today, anybody can see angels and everyone who does can, therefore, be called a saint. That includes you and me. God’s mysteries are being unveiled presently and all we have to do is step up to the plate.

This is not elitist. It’s a very democratic process.

I explain how angels manifest in my books which represent thousands of pages and hundreds of thousands of words. It took me a long time to observe the things I saw, write them down and publish them for you to be able to read.

By reading my books you can vicariously experience the things I lived.

God Bless and may you see angels,