Paper Tigers Can’t Bite

Spring is right around the corner and that feels good.

The seasons effortlessly glide in and out with changes happening almost imperceptibly.

February is still cold and snowy, but March is different.

There are moments when it’s cold with gusts of wind and mad bursts of snow, but such paper tigers are quickly dissolved by blue-skyed and bright sunshiny days albeit still quite cool, too cool to let us erroneously imagine that spring has, indeed, arrived in earnest.

These movements in weather happen gradually and ever so slowly so as to not overly affect our physical, mental, emotional and psychological states. Cosmic harmonics. God at work in the universe.

These movements or changes are not random or abrupt.

In like manner, God is always creative, imaginative and purposeful in the way he orchestrates change.

This reminds me of a Facebook note I published called The Great Change. It’s a message that the angels from Planet Nibiru gave me about cosmic harmonics and readjusting our planet’s vibrational frequency.

The main point of The Great Change is that God and his angels are directing things gradually, in such a way as to harm the least of us as possible. It’s a very delicate balance to remove weeds without hurting plants. The bible references this in Matthew 13:24-43.

The same is true for removing toxic influences from our beautiful planet.

We could think of ‘angelic interventions’ as special missions that target key areas of the globe that are particularly in need of transformation and healing.

We seem to be living in times when the world appears to be teetering on the brink of madness with war in Ukraine and controversy regarding what is believable and what isn’t. Facts, fact checkers, fake news, alternative news.

This reminds me of Jesus’ resurrection that many of us will soon celebrate and the news that swirled around this event back then.

‘We saw him walking down such-and-such a street.’

No. That can’t be true. We saw him die on that cross.’

I’m telling you it’s true!’

Who should we believe? Should we worry about the state of the world?

Jesus said that worrying doesn’t add inches to our height or hours to our life.[1] In other words, fretting doesn’t help.

Besides, the angels are hard at work, fully integrated in our society, fully cognizant of our desire to make positive changes to our planet, our human limitations and deep desire to connect to Creator God.

The truth will come out

It isn’t possible to hold the lid down on steam that is rearing to escape.

In like manner, the truth will come out, and soon.

That’s because paper tigers can’t bite.

Are you ready to meet your angel?

Happy Spring (in a few), and may you see angels,


Alvin Avery, Angel Author

[1] Matthew 6:27 NIVUK, my interpretation.