It doesn’t happen very often, but it did today! I received the No New Mail! indicator in my Google Mail.

The blue sky with hints of sunrays in the corner and the non-encumbrance of no new mail was uplifting.

It was like a fresh start or tabula rasa that would allow me to soar beyond the mundane.

Someone once said that when they went on vacation to U.S.A.’s desert southwest, they threw their mobile telephone out the car window and never felt better!

I’m not advocating that you do this.

What I am trying to convey, however, is that the feeling of not having e-mails to read and tasks to accomplish or calls to answer is a good and liberating feeling. I think we need to feel this feeling more often, and the pandemic is leading us down this exact road.

Truth be told, most of the calls I get are fraudulent.

Most of the emails I get  are spam.

And emails that do not fall into the above categories place obligations on me that, in the final analysis, are not really all that important.

One of my favorite sayings is Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated by Confucius.

This was confirmed when I read my updated credit card agreement today.

Are all these clauses really necessary?

Do they really have to keep increasing fees?

Are large interest rates normal?

I went to the bank (again) today and urged my banker to get outside—even on his lunch break—because staying in his windowless office was criminal.

He laughed and said, ‘It’s nice outside, isn’t it? I’ll try.’

While the banker—a lanky young man with dull brown eyes from a foreign country—was explaining something to me, he looked at me seriously, as if he had suddenly transformed into an old man, and said, ‘It doesn’t matter if you have $2 or $2 million dollars in your account, the case is such.’ I’m paraphrasing of course not to reveal unnecessary details.

Without meaning to, what he said was profoundly true.

The amount in your bank account DOES NOT MATTER.

I thought about this later and decided that what I really need is contentment, satisfaction, peace of mind, good friends, a satisfying occupation, enough to meet my needs and to be surrounded by beauty like that evinced by spring flowers.

I’m noticing flowers more and appreciating their gifts unlike ever.


I have Facebook friends who fall in the religious category and those who call themselves lightworkers.

The religious folks call the freeing feeling I describe above being born again and the lightworkers use the term awakened.  

Freedom comes hand-in-hand with responsibility, though.

There are certain things that born again believers no longer do.

And there are certain things that lightworkers do not do.

There are ethical considerations for some and divinely offered commandments for others.

You can throw your mobile phone out the window, but then you’ll have to go through the process of getting a new one. It will take time and there will be a financial cost.

When I see angels disguised as people—when I experience angelic manifestations—I get the same, freeing No New Mail! feeling. I feel born again and awakened at the same time.

You can have this feeling, too.

God bless and may you see angels,

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A Lie, a Fib, or a Creative Interpretation of the truth?

I love watching CP24 in the morning. The program I enjoy is called “CP24 Breakfast.”

CP24 is one of the most popular, most watched local television channels “reaching more than 1.55 million viewers each day in Toronto” according to their website.

I appreciate CP24 because there are four screens available at all times (a.k.a., a four screen layout). The first screen, on the left, and much larger, is a feed from the newsroom. This is also where we see what’s happening in and around Toronto. Below it is a television news ticker with the most current local and international news. I, for one, really appreciate the international aspect. And to the right are the weather and traffic update screens. CP 24 represents a constant source of diversified information.

I believe that one of the reasons that “CP24 Breakfast” is so beloved is because of the chemistry between Steve Anthony, Co-Host, Bill Coulter, Meteorologist, Lindsay Deluce, News Anchor, and Pooja Handa, Anchor/Co-Host. The inclusivity displayed by the cast makes viewers feel as if they are part of the CP24 “family.”

This morning, for example, there was a spontaneous interchange between the four cast members regarding telling the truth. Pooja said, regarding not being in the mood to go out, and I’m paraphrasing, “I can’t tell someone ‘I’m tired’ because they just won’t understand.’ Lindsay said that her husband is tired of hearing her say “I’m tired,” so she consciously makes herself think of excuses like “my leg hurts.” She then spontaneously added something highly philosophical—as she is wont to do—”There’s a difference, isn’t there, between a lie, a fib, and a white lie, isn’t there?” And Steve, I believe, leaned forward, putting the entire discussion in context, saying, “It’s the creative interpretation of the truth” at which point Bill smiled broadly, reached out and gave him a high-five.

The example I cite is not an isolated event. These kinds of spontaneous interchanges happen frequently among cast members and are the charm of the program.

I also really enjoy the Friday Dance Party. That’s when the cast dances to contemporary music. I think it’s a great contrast to the sometimes tragic daily dose of news we are, generally speaking, subject to these days.

Let’s go back to the word chemistry. It’s what makes the show. It’s the spontaneous exchange of ideas—sometimes pertaining to the cast members’ personal lives—told in a humorous manner yet holding deeper undertones, that highlights the intelligence and capacity for love held by the cast. Many Hollywood films into which millions of dollars have been poured failed because they lacked precisely this: chemistry among cast members and an “intelligence of the heart.”

Just before 8 a.m., in a different segment of the program, Steve leaned in toward Lindsay and said, “You’ve given me lots to think about today.” In fact, he repeated it twice. Subconsciously, he was referring to the earlier conversation about lies vs. truth and a creative interpretation of the truth.

CP24 image