I’d like to wish a slightly belated Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all celebrants.

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I spent the day at home yesterday and enjoyed a traditional turkey lunch with mashed potatoes, green beans and cranberry sauce. It was delicious and I thank God for my blessings. My prayer is that you, too, were able to rest and enjoy the holidays with loved ones.

The angels are hard at work

As we approach the beginning of a new year, 2023, let me assure you that the angels are hard at work.

Nothing has changed since 2008, when I first started to see and—perhaps most importantly—recognize angels in human form. I describe this in thousands of pages and hundreds of thousands of words in my angel books.

As we go about our business, so do the angels.

No prayer goes unanswered. It may seem like a long time, but the answer will come in God’s perfect time.

God is attentive to the minutest details of our lives and sends angels who report back to him about us. In fact, God cares so much about us that he sends real-life, walking, breathing, huggable angels into our lives. When I see my guardian angel in human form, I am able to slap him on the shoulder! Take a moment to consider that I am able to slap my guardian angel on the shoulder!

Having said that, I’m always mindful that my angel is more powerful than I am and has more authority.

In the Bible, Psalm 8:5 says that we were made a little lower than the angels. That’s because, as I explain in my books, angels are fourth-dimensional beings who have the capacity to appear to us in different forms. They can easily morph from one shape to another because, unlike us, they have power over matter rather than the other way around.

I am also mindful of the relationship that exists between me and my guardian—the history of which you can read in the Truth about Angels, Part I.

There are several examples in the Bible where angels appear in human form.

One significant example is when three angels appear to Father Abraham (see Genesis 18ff).

According to Kabbalah Guru, the Torah says that ‘the angels have bodies.’ Click here for more.

eBook Promotion Tuesday and Wednesday

I’m so glad to be able to announce that one of my seminal eBook, Zion, the Holy City of God, will be free on promotion starting tomorrow, Tuesday, December 27 until Wednesday, December 28, 2022 here.

If you haven’t already read this powerful book inspired by the Holy Spirit, I encourage you to take advantage of this seasonal offer.

All is well

In the fight between the Anunnaki and the Reptilians (click here and here for more), the former are winning.

Remember, it’s one race with two very different tribes. The Anunnaki (akin to super angels) are good and the Reptilians are wicked.

So what about me?, you may be wondering? What does this mean for me?

It means that you are neither an Anunnak nor a Reptile.

It means that you are a precious son or daughter of the living God who loves you!

It means that your spiritual DNA is godly!

It means that you can relax and enjoy the holidays because we, the race of mortals, are getting help.

God Bless and may you see angels,

Alvin Avery ‘Angel Author’

Photo by Alex Padurariu on Unsplash

Everything is Changing | Revelations, Angels, the Photon Belt and More

We’re living in very exciting times.

Our planet is evolving and so are we.

The old, corrupt system that’s been in place for thousands of years is being removed and something new is being born.

Nothing can stop the changes that are taking place.

They are:



All encompassing



It’s important to pray and maintain a high level of energy during these extraordinary times.

Don’t allow negative thoughts to fill your mind. Remain peaceful with the understanding that—even though it may not seem so—everything is indeed all right.

We’re not alone during this Great Transition. The angels are actively present and positioned all over the world to help people.

While recognizing ingrained, longstanding patterns of societal injustice toward marginalized populations and honoring some of our greatest spiritual leaders,* we are learning to no longer allow the wicked Reptilians (see book) to manipulate us by dividing us racially or by placing us in other artificially constructed categories. We are no longer falling for movements that claim to defend people while simultaneously calling for violence against others.

The Great Transition will elevate everyone who is psychoenergetically aligned to it because it stands for the good of all and not just a few—what the old system represented.

The Wave of Goodness & Glory that is covering our planet is for all people, not just a select few. But in order to benefit from it, we need to align with its energetic frequencies. These frequencies are coming to us from the Photon Belt that we are crossing as well as from Planet Nibiru.

Low level energies will not survive the Great Transition.

Low level energies are self-defeating energies bound for extinction.


Many revelations about abuse in the churches are coming out now. Are you struggling with this? I recommend this book.

What does this mean? It means that God—who rules from beyond the Orion Vortex near the Sides of the North (see book)—is going to purge the churches. God is going to differentiate between the false spirit of religiosity and his true Holy Spirit. You may wonder, How can God do this? God is going to do this energetically. That’s what the passage of Planet Nibiru and the photon belt are all about.

It also means that child abuse, the subject of my book, Veronica’s Story which is free during the promotion,** and other abuses can no longer continue.


We wouldn’t be able to make it through the Great Transition without the angels’ help.

Although angels have been around for thousands of years, there’s a new breed of angels—the subject of my angel books.

I know that the angels are here because, in tens of thousands of words, thousands of pages and using crude illustrations, I document in my books what I see with my eyes.

God Bless and may you see angels,

Alvin Avery ‘Angel Author’

*Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Avicenna and others.

**Terms and conditions of the promotion apply.

Paper Tigers Can’t Bite

Spring is right around the corner and that feels good.

The seasons effortlessly glide in and out with changes happening almost imperceptibly.

February is still cold and snowy, but March is different.

There are moments when it’s cold with gusts of wind and mad bursts of snow, but such paper tigers are quickly dissolved by blue-skyed and bright sunshiny days albeit still quite cool, too cool to let us erroneously imagine that spring has, indeed, arrived in earnest.

These movements in weather happen gradually and ever so slowly so as to not overly affect our physical, mental, emotional and psychological states. Cosmic harmonics. God at work in the universe.

These movements or changes are not random or abrupt.

In like manner, God is always creative, imaginative and purposeful in the way he orchestrates change.

This reminds me of a Facebook note I published called The Great Change. It’s a message that the angels from Planet Nibiru gave me about cosmic harmonics and readjusting our planet’s vibrational frequency.

The main point of The Great Change is that God and his angels are directing things gradually, in such a way as to harm the least of us as possible. It’s a very delicate balance to remove weeds without hurting plants. The bible references this in Matthew 13:24-43.

The same is true for removing toxic influences from our beautiful planet.

We could think of ‘angelic interventions’ as special missions that target key areas of the globe that are particularly in need of transformation and healing.

We seem to be living in times when the world appears to be teetering on the brink of madness with war in Ukraine and controversy regarding what is believable and what isn’t. Facts, fact checkers, fake news, alternative news.

This reminds me of Jesus’ resurrection that many of us will soon celebrate and the news that swirled around this event back then.

‘We saw him walking down such-and-such a street.’

No. That can’t be true. We saw him die on that cross.’

I’m telling you it’s true!’

Who should we believe? Should we worry about the state of the world?

Jesus said that worrying doesn’t add inches to our height or hours to our life.[1] In other words, fretting doesn’t help.

Besides, the angels are hard at work, fully integrated in our society, fully cognizant of our desire to make positive changes to our planet, our human limitations and deep desire to connect to Creator God.

The truth will come out

It isn’t possible to hold the lid down on steam that is rearing to escape.

In like manner, the truth will come out, and soon.

That’s because paper tigers can’t bite.

Are you ready to meet your angel?

Happy Spring (in a few), and may you see angels,


Alvin Avery, Angel Author

[1] Matthew 6:27 NIVUK, my interpretation.

Happy New Era!

There’s a lot going on.

The angels are hard at work as we enter into a new Era.

Everything is changing.

Nothing will remain the same.

There are hiccups, like the negativity we see on the news, but the good, cleansing energy that comes from the Photon Belt[1] speaks louder than media images.

As we enter a new era, our lives will be radically transformed by new medical technologies (like medical beds),[2] an equitable, quantum banking system, free energy and the release of inventions that will benefit the people of Earth.

The stranglehold that had been imposed on our race is lifting and glorious times are ahead.

The Anunnaki have, indeed, returned to free us from the wicked Reptilians. (Click here for the book.)

What can we expect?



Expansion of possibilities

Rightful ownership



Righteous retribution

Equitable living for all people

Enjoying the resources of our beautiful planet



The reason we know more about these changes than ever before is because the veil between this world and the next, the liminal threshold if you prefer, is becoming thinner.

There is more communication happening between the fourth dimension and the third dimension, where we live.

What was once hidden is now being revealed.

What was once for the elite is now being released to the masses.

News Beyond the News

Information is coming through that contradicts what we see on TV.

People are clamoring for something called ‘full disclosure’ about other species and civilizations. How long can this remain hidden?

It is very important to focus on the good, focus on God and believe that we are on the verge of something extraordinary.

The Spirit of Christmas Future

One of my favorite Christmas stories is Dicken’s novella, A Christmas Carol. (See an adaptation here.)

Scrooge, a miserly businessman who hoards every penny, is transformed by revelations of Christmas past, present and future.

He comes to understand that the love of money, cannot bring fulfillment and joy. Only a generous heart, loving relationships with people, and respect for our Creator can do that.

At the end of the story, Scrooge is transformed from a miserable wretch into a generous giver.

The change in this man is palpable and mirrors the change our planet is undergoing now.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and may you see angels,

Alvin Avery, Angel Author

[1] ‘The Photon Belt or…The Golden Nebula,’, accessed December 22, 2021,

[2] Med-Beds Australia, Facebook, accessed December 22, 2021,

An Eclipse without an Eclipse

Today I walked to the bank in order to run an errand.

The outdoor atmosphere was strange.

The light looked ecliptic. An eclipse without an eclipse.

There were more homeless people with mental challenges roaming the streets because of the pandemic. If they’re outside it probably means they’re afraid to stay in the shelters because of Covid-19.

I felt a feeling that was difficult to describe as I walked on what would have been a routine path in the midst of this strange light and aimless wanderers.

Without being able to precisely articulate my feeling, I felt as though something monumental was happening. Something cosmic.

The bank hadn’t opened yet and I stood warming myself by rubbing my hands together outside the front doors made of glass. I could see that the employees inside stood in a circle and were having a meeting. I would look at them and turn back again toward the street to see the strange quality of the light. It seemed as if I was shifting from something ordinary (the bank) to something extraordinary (ecliptic time).

It was as if two realities were head-butting. Bank vs. Phenomenal-Unprecedented-Unimaginable-Earth-shattering Change.

There are a lot of prophetic voices these days uttering hard sayings about the times we’re living in. As a theologian, I follow them to listen, hear and discern whether it is the voice of God or people.

True Prophets are Unpopular

In the Bible, the true prophets of God said things that nobody liked to hear and were hounded and hunted down. The false prophets said agreeable things that were pleasant to the ears and fed the rulers’ egos. Click here for a true versus false prophet checklist.

Kim Clement, Amanda Grace of Ark of Grace Ministries, Timothy Dixon, Hank Kunneman and Robin D. Bullock are prophetic voices discoverable on YouTube. If you don’t have time for long videos, tune into DobroBro here.

Some of the things they say involve vivid dreams, divine intervention on a planetary scale, plagues of Biblical proportions, angels coming to earth from outer space, and possible 911-like events.

You may be thinking, ‘Alvin, this sounds really weird and scary.’ Well, the times we’re living in are really weird and if we lack faith in divinity, scary.

Ive been writing about angels and marketing my books for thirteen years now. The truth is that if we expect God to take us seriously, we seriously need to start factoring God into the equation.

Ignore the God Factor and it will ignore you.

If you think about it, God knows everything that will come to pass and pre-positions angels in order to help us get through things, especially the difficult times we’re in. Angels, higher-dimensional, higher-vibrational beings, can handle the assignments that God gives them because they are fully equipped to do so.

The good news is that the angels are already here. They are with us and ready to help. All we need to do is spend time in prayer and keep our eyes open.

In the old days, those who saw angels were called saints. Today, anybody can see angels and everyone who does can, therefore, be called a saint. That includes you and me. God’s mysteries are being unveiled presently and all we have to do is step up to the plate.

This is not elitist. It’s a very democratic process.

I explain how angels manifest in my books which represent thousands of pages and hundreds of thousands of words. It took me a long time to observe the things I saw, write them down and publish them for you to be able to read.

By reading my books you can vicariously experience the things I lived.

God Bless and may you see angels,


Angels are Hard at Work

The news has been a combination of strange, breathtaking, unsettling, momentous and hard to decipher. (Take a deep breath … and … slowly release.) A mixed bag that ranges from highlighting the futuristic capabilities of human kind to plumbing its sordid and appalling depths.

Violence recently erupted inside the U.S. Capitol and resignations are being tendered left and right. A new 7-foot non-scalable fence is being erected around the Capitol and the president deployed the national guard. A new state called New California was recently proposed, and a new political third party is emerging. Americans are more spiritually divided than ever before and the new lexilogical bête noire is ‘election fraud.’   

2020 also heralded new medical innovations; and new vaccines against 2019-nCoV were rapidly developed and are in the initial stage of rollout.

A new branch of the armed forces, The United States Space Force, celebrated one year of existence; and new media outlets are sprouting into existence (e.g., NTD, Newsmax, and OAN) like offshoots of a mature and aging tree called Legacy. These new media offer alternative narratives that are often at odds with more familiar brands.

2020 was a tumultuous year and we don’t know exactly what to expect in the next two weeks at this writing, until presidential inauguration day, January 20th, 2021.

I believe that the next few weeks will be revealing.

One sure thing

The one thing that we can count on—as my many books about angels discuss—is that angels are real and hard at work, just like they were in the beginning. God is not separate from the events in our lives, the events in our world. God—and his representative the angels—are very much involved in the minutiae of our lived experience.

Although the news may be hard to grasp, God’s goodness isn’t. It remains the same forever.

God sends angels to help us get through difficult periods. In fact, God positions angels in preparation for difficult events before they take place. We aren’t alone during such events; we have angels by our side who actively take our side.

Prior to my father abandoning our family which you can read about in The Truth about Angels, Part I, God prepared me by ‘giving’ me my two seminal works, Zion, the Holy City of God and Armageddon—the fate of the lofty nation and beyond.

The events I describe in these two books are biblical and will happen—but not yet.

Contemporary prophetic voices, like that of the late Kim Clement, speak words such as revival, reprieve, favor, and blessing for the period we’re living in now.

Although we are entering into a season of blessing—for America and the world—there will be some ‘birth pains’ as we move into the new era.

What comes next?

You may rightfully wonder, ‘What comes next, and what should I do as events unroll?’

I explain my views about the 2019-nCoV pandemic here.

At this time, we should thank God for his goodness and love; thank our guardian angel; and ask that God’s will be accomplished ‘on earth as it is in heaven.’

God bless and may you see angels,


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Image source: Wikimedia

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What a Wonderful Time To Be Alive!

A World in Transition

Time seems to be moving very quickly now. And God, and his angels, are moving, too.

Old, scandal-ridden systems that have been in place for centuries are crumbling with new spiritual directions, world-transforming ideas and inventions taking their place. Industries we grew up with that served as our pastime, moral compass, and helped us understand the world around us through images that produced laughter and tears are dying, with new visionaries taking their place.

Some formerly privileged individuals—e.g., Catholic bishops accused of pedophilia—are now being exposed. And this coming week may very well prove revealing as famous people who were involved with Jeffrey Epstein’s so-called ‘Pedophile Island’ may be named publicly.

God is certainly no respecter of persons (Acts 10:34). If you are interested in reading about how God deals with the most vulnerable of victims in such cases, young children, I encourage you to read my book, Veronica’s Story. It describes how angels helped a young woman named Veronica through an absolutely horrific experience involving sex trafficking.

Although chaos seems to rule the world, we must never forget that God remains firmly in control.

The world, in fact, is undergoing a great transition. I wrote a Facebook note about this called A World in Transition that you can read here.  

In the midst of change and a pandemic that, in the natural, appears to remain active, feeling lost and anguished would not be unusual. This holds especially true for the most vulnerable, those who don’t have a firm base—religious or spiritual, economic, psychological, emotional, physical etc.—on which to stand, so to speak. Analogously, Scientific American recently described Covid-19 as an x-ray of our society here.

No Fear

But did you know that the words ‘fear not’ or a variation thereof appear at least 71 times in the Bible? When angels come into contact with people, this is typically one of the first things they say! ‘Fear not. Do not be afraid. Everything will be alright and let me tell you what your role is in all of this is.’

In spite of bleak outward appearances, however, God is actively working both on earth and in heaven on behalf of his righteous children. The truths expressed in the first half of this post may shake you up. But God’s love is evident in his care for the children—the righteous and the unrighteous. According to scripture, the righteous (the wheat) must grow up side by side with the tares (the unrighteous) until Jesus’ return. This is because uprooting the tares might harm the wheat. Furthermore, it wouldn’t give the tares an opportunity to repent. In Jesus’ own words, ‘While you are gathering up the tares, you may uproot the wheat with them. Allow both to grow together until the harvest.’ Matt 13:29-30). (Source: Nelson Walter’s video.)

The Signs Are Already Here

Although no one knows when the harvest will come except God, there are signs.

I wrote a Facebook note about this called The Angels Are Already Here that you can read here. I believe that heightened angelic activity in the world is, indeed, a sign that the wheat and the tares are bearing fruit. This sign is in addition to other signs.

What a wonderful time to be alive!

God bless and may you see angels,


God 1 | Adversary 0

Photo by Javardh on Unsplash
Photo by Javardh on Unsplash

We are living in exciting times!

This is the time that the Bible talks about, when Jesus is returning.

It is interesting to note that scoffers will scoff and say, ‘What are you talking about? He hasn’t come yet and thousands of years have gone by.’

For God however, a thousand years are as one day.[i] If you get discouraged remember that God moves, but that he moves slowly.

If you’re sensitive to energy, you’ll feel that much has happened since I last wrote.

According to the Anunnaki, the Reptilians—the family branch which violated all of the canons of their race—are either dead, dying, or fleeing our planet.

This is because the Anunnaki have returned to redress wrongs and heal wounds. (Read a Facebook note I wrote about this here.)

We can interpret the above as Jesus dying on the cross, paying the price in full for Adam’s sin, and reclaiming ownership of earth. You see, Adam, the first man, whose sin caused us to leave the paradisiacal state we were in—holiness, proximity to, and intimacy with, God in the garden—was replaced by Jesus, the last Adam. By dying and resurrecting, Jesus the God-man ‘recalibrated’ our relationship to God by making it possible for us to have eternal life.

Jesus undid what Adam did.

The Jesus Event, if you will, was a major power move that forever changed the adversary’s plan. It was a winning game plan. God: 1 | Adversary: 0.

In the same way that Jesus could easily have avoided his crucifixion death—God can do anything God wants to do—the Anunnaki, God’s strong and mighty ones, could instantly ‘fix’ an already reclaimed earth. But that’s not the way God operates. Until the Millennium and beyond to the very end, God will both intervene yet, at the same time, allow things to play out. This is why it is important to keep praying, believing and remembering that those who live by the sword die by the sword.[ii]

Knowing that the Anunnaki have returned to earth in their ships of light and are actively intervening in world affairs should fill us with hope, love and light.

‘We are here now. There is no longer anything for you to be concerned about. We bid you peace.’ —the Anunnaki.

God Bless and May You See Angels,

Alvin Avery, the ‘Angel Author’

[i] 2 Peter 3:8.

[ii] Matthew 26:52.

Celebrating 10 Years

It’s been ten years since I started writing spiritual books and e-books (2008 – 2018).

I remember when it all started in Bulgaria.

After writing Zion, the Holy City of God and Armageddon, the Fate of the Lofty Nation and Beyond, I was in the town of Kostenets, Bulgaria when I saw my guardian angel in human form for the first time. More appearances followed.

My guardian was intent on teaching me lessons about angelic manifestations. I carefully wrote down what I saw—with illustrations—and the lessons became a book.

The experiences I was having—seeing, recognizing and participating in numerous angelic experiences—changed me. I understood the depths to which God loves his children and the degree to which God’s angels involve themselves in the affairs of men and women. Furthermore, I understood how angels communicate. More books followed.

Although ten years have passed, and I now live in Toronto, I continue to experience angelic manifestations.

Those traditions which elevate people who can communicate with angels are mistaken. Angels are everywhere and love it when we see, recognize and interact with them!

God Bless and may you see angels,

Alvin Avery




Show Me The Way

I saw my guardian angel yesterday in visible form. Remember, angels can appear in any form they choose.

In this case, my angel appeared as a twenty-something, petite female with bleached blonde hair interspersed with dark meshes. This wasn’t the first time I’d seen my angel with such hair coloring.

I was on my way to a meeting and my guardian seemingly appeared out of nowhere walking in front of me in the direction I was to go.

There are, indeed, many distractions in life and it was my guardian angel’s symbolic way of saying, “Move on. Go in the direction you are supposed to go.” Angels, as I explain in The Truth about Angels, Part I, communicate using symbolic language (in addition to speech).

Illustration 1, 93 Symbols I, The Truth About Angels, Part I


My angel—known for their great sense of style—was dressed in black with elegant off-white tennis shoes and a designer, black backpack.

My angel took short steps, but boy did she move quickly! When I got to the subway station—Bloor Yonge, southbound—I was literally out of breath.

She kept moving down the platform but I stopped, satisfied that I had seen my angel in manifest form.

God Bless and may you see angels,

Alvin Avery