The 7 Steps to Spiritual Completion

Do you feel a sense of emptiness in your life? You may be gainfully employed and even have family, yet you feel as if there’s something missing.

If that’s the case, it means that you have a spiritual void. It means that although you are materially satisfied, your soul needs something more.

Here are the 7 steps to spiritual completion:

Step# 1: Gravitate toward people who attract you.¬†There’s no point in forcing yourself to be around those who drag you down.

Step#2: Follow your bliss. These words of wisdom were uttered by the late Joseph Campbell. They mean pursuing your calling.

Step #3: Ignore advice from well-meaning people who are clueless about your needs and your life. Remember, we’re talking about your life, not theirs.

Step #4: Do not make radical changes unless they are carefully thought out and you have a backup plan.

Step #5: Be satisfied with what you have. If you’re satisfied and express gratitude for what’s in your life, more will be added unto you.

Step #6: Treat others with respect, even if you don’t agree with their philosophy or lifestyle.

Step #7: Go for the gold. This means going after those things that generate loving, glowing feelings inside the depths of your soul.

Although taking the above steps sounds easy, it is not. There will be times along the path when you will wonder whether it was worth it. There will be times when you’ll question the veracity of the 7 steps and what they mean to you.

Although questioning is normal, over time, as you work on attracting to your life those people and things that make you feel complete, acceptance will replace questioning. A sense of peace will come over you. A sense of quiet understanding that you are right where you should be, surrounded by those you should be surrounded by, doing exactly what you were always meant to do.

7 Steps to Spiritual Completion